Poco Deli: Haven for meat lovers

There are times I crave for bacon, eggs, hotdogs, meatloaf and the like.. well, for a breakfast person like me it is unstoppable and the craving will just goes on and on and on.. So, whenever I discovered restaurants offering breakfast menus that can be enjoyed all day long, whether for lunch or dinner, I try my best to have a taste, spoonful of it. 😀



The restaurant is compact yet cozy and I’m impressed to see these wines displayed properly that it really stand out to me.
Perfect for that lovely date and intimate conversation

I don’t drink wine but I get some sip occasionally, so for drinks we just ordered sparkling citrus only for 150 php. I loooooove it! So refreshing! In fact, If I were to asked, this is also a bestseller among their drinks. Yes! On the top of my list 🙂


Bacon steaks and Eggs (420.00 php)

Bacon steaks and Eggs were just a hit for me because of the flavor which I must say, is very unique for me. Imagine Bacon and steaks in one!? It’s a bit expensive for just a bacon and two eggs but I swear you can never cook something like this at your home. (well, exception goes if you’re a chef but even a chef will want to be served something like this once in a while.. )


Sausage Pasta (340.00 php)


We decided to pass with the sausage platter since it won’t fill in our stomachs anymore. But if you are in a group of 3-4, this is a must try!

Delicious treats and healthy too. 🙂




Few steps from Poco Deli is the famous Lia’s cake which serves the most delicious avocado cheesecake and avocado sansrival in the Metro. We decided not to order ice cream for deserts at Poco Deli so we can grab some of Lia’s bestsellers.


I know summer is approaching, and you would want to rock a bikini body (hahaha) so you cannot ditch your dieting schemes, but you need protein in your bodies as well.. hindi nga lang lean protein but I believe that everything taken in moderation is a sign that you are still in the right path. Hehehe so when you visit this place, tag along your friends with you. Sharing calories is more fun. Hahahave a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

And just a tip, if you’re not a southerner like us, and not familiar with the roads of Pasig, you can ride the MRT train going to Shaw station and from there hail a taxi that will take you to east  capitol drive. Take note of the EAST, and not west because there’s also one on the other side of Kapitolyo.

Poco Deli

21 East Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila
(02) 477 4332


Lia’s Cake

25 A&B East Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila

(02) 633 1937/ 09176605427


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