Group date at Gino’s

With Pizza houses sprouting left and right, it’s easy to just disregard another as one of those. Foreign (and even local) investors and the like did not mind the stiff competition, knowing that Italian food were such a hit to us, Filipinos. When it comes to pizzas, there are classics, create your own toppings, and other innovative ideas to have a whole new experience while eating this comfort food. But even if we are in the 21st century now, at mas advance na ang lahat, even the method of cooking and the way how it is eaten, still it all boils down sa lasa ng pagkain. Kung masarap, babalikan mo talaga (: and yes, I am talking about this SMEGG pizza I am raving for weeks. hehe and when I finally tasted, it totally wowed a not-so-pizza-lover myself. Made with the fresh ingredients, this pizza is  tasty and satisfying. Saraaaaap!

SMEG Pizza


Curry Pizza
Curry Pizza

Some dishes we ordered were buratta for appetizers, lemon mushroom pasta, salted egg pasta and another pasta which name I do not remember na. For desert, we saw unusual combination of chicharon and belgian chocolate but hey, don’t worry kasi surprisingly, it turns out good 🙂 All of these are so good that we didn’t even get a snapshot of it. I think the whole gang was hungry since it’s almost 8pm that we got in the restaurant. As expected it was jam-packed, with queue of customers still waiting outside. Good thing my boyfriend went earlier so the rest of us were seated as soon as we arrived. And because it was my birthday at that time, I forget about blogging the resto and just enjoyed the presence of my friends that night. Di bale, I’m definitely coming back naman so I can give you a more decent review with photos pa. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’d like to share the pictures from that night and say thank you to my friends who spend their valuable time with the birthday girl. Ahem! 🙂 _MG_9649 _MG_9646 _MG_9626 _MG_9636 _MG_9644 _MG_9660 _MG_9656 _MG_9613


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