Wakeboarding at Nuvali

Southerners were lucky people indeed. Aside from Tagaytay, another high rise residential and commercial units were located down south, with Ayala Land as it’s major investor, and yes I’m talking about this new place in Sta. Rosa called Nuvali.

From Alabang, it’s approximately 30minutes drive. Or so I think? quite not sure but Im about to sleep when my friend said ‘we’re here!’ Seeing the view outside, I got the feeling that I will keep coming back here. Le sigh! I am dreaming or not? Haha I wasn’t able to take photos just because seeing the serene view on the outside will prevent you from doing that. From the highway, the route towards wakeboarding site is kilometers away, but we, especially I, don’t mind because I’m enjoying the stillness of this place. You will pass through the golf course, the park with a lake (I saw few couples and families having a great time doing picnic here) blocks of residential units and even schools inside this village. Honestly, I wanted to live here. But Bry needs to work day and night, 24/7 to give me my dream. Hehehe

I love birthdays.. Not only it adds another year in your life but simply because people suddenly became kind to you. Haha what more your friends, right? 🙂 So when I asked my dear friend Flo, to come with us he really find time for it even in the middle of a stressful week at work. Though I’m certain he made the right choice because well, this is what he needed after all. A breathe of fresh air. 🙂



Unfortunately, my menstrual cramps are getting more difficult to bear while Florandi can’t manage to move his aching muscles (due to excessive workout in the gym yesterday haha) so bryan tried it all by himself. I told him that we won’t laugh at him and cheer him all throughout but otherwise happened. 🙂



At least he manage to balance himself at the board. :) Kahit madalas laglag. XD
At least he manage to balance himself at the board. 🙂 Kahit madalas laglag. XD




OOTD: Polo (Cotton&On) Scarf (H&M from my sisters) Bag (JoanandKlaire-a special gift from Bry) 🙂




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