Travel Diary: From Naga to Caramoan

Okay. This is going to be a picture heavy post. Brace yourselves!! Hehe

Three weeks ago, I took advantage of the looong weekend (Thanks to Labor Day) and even extended it to a 10 day leave from work. Fortunately, my schedule permits and my plans of going down south is smooth sailing as well. Been dreaming of exploring Caramoan since it became famous, well.. credits to Survivor show for discovering this best kept secret in Camarines Sur. They actually rented some parts of the island for their shoot and mind you, for 35 years lang naman–so the contract will end by 2035. Wise and unregrettable decision for them, because if I will testify this is far better than Boracay, the pristine islands, the tranquility, the white sand, the people here.. Wow, you will just agree on me once you set your foot here.

But before Caramoan, let me tour you first at the town proper—Naga City.


I tagged along my friend, Majo who’s a great travel buddy. And because we enjoyed being tourists at this place, we even visited their local tourism office. Just a tip, please please do not be shy nor hesitate to go to their tourism office for some traveler tips, they were very accommodating, pleasant and such gracious hosts. Often times, I find myself getting maps and brochures, but since we started to tour Negros Oriental and privileged enough to create a teaser for their province, I learned that there are still more insights from the locals than what you can get from the brochure. Since then, I made a decision to talk to them personally and ask from advice. I assure you this could be one of best travel decisions. 🙂

Wooden Cabins in CWC. I can imagine myself living in this neighborhood 🙂



Camsur is best known for their Wakeboarding Complex. Dubbed as the biggest in the world, you won’t be surprised to see foreigners visiting the site or living in CWC. In fact, all the cabins were occupied by non pro and professional wake boarders around the world.


I am so ready!!!
I am so ready!!!
Guess what? after my first attempt. I made the next attempts flawlessly. I never thought this can be so easy (Woot woot) 🙂

If you’re here for food trip, solved ka for sure. You can never go wrong with Bicolano food. I’m not bicolana, but I enjoyed eating spicy cuisines kaya hit sa akin ang laing, bicol express and sili ice cream nila. :)) In fact, In our three days stay, I ate laing all the time. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even merienda. Yes, they have laing pizza which is so good. Aaaah kagulo sa sarap. I can’t trade this even with chocolate (my comfort food) 🙂



We also tried their famous bicol express and pinangat  (Naga’s own version of Laing) at Red Platter, located at Magsaysay Avenue—where you can find almost hundred restaurants that will cater to your big appetite.



Lastly, our cravingsss wouldn’t be fully satisfied without deserts. What I love about Camarines Sur is the people itself. From the middle class, down to the security guards/tricycle drivers I can guarantee you na hindi kayo mapapahiya sa kanila. Hindi sila kagaya ng iba dyan na one word reply. They were very warm people who love their province a LOT so whenever they see tourists like us, they really gave a helping hand. We are at the back of this tricycle craving for some sili ice cream before we leave Naga, and we are telling each other how we wanted to tried sili ice cream (yes, happiness ito for us, ganito kami kababaw) and a lady inside the tryc suggested the 1st colonial famous for their sili ice cream. We actually didn’t know that she heard our conversation, she even locate us to where the store exactly was. Happily, we entered the store and when we ordered sili ice cream, the woman asked what level ma’am?

Huh? What do you mean?


So there it was. Sili ice cream. Level II. (2.0) Hotter, spicier, and ??


Since mahilig ako sa spicy food, I didn’t mind ordering the level II. To my surprise, it was really maanghang to the 2nd level. My throat is literally aching after I finished the three scoops of ice cream.

You can also choose other flavors. There were LOTS of never heard before flavor of ice cream. Next time I visit I will try pili and gabi ice cream, plus the malunggay shake!!!


Before we go back to the hotel, I met some people from Deer Farm located at P. Ocampo, 45 minutes from Pili (where the airport and CWC is situated). This majestic deer farm has kept more than 300 deer that you could actually touch and feed. Promise, mababait sila! Sadly, because I’m so fearful of animals, I can’t get close enough to get a beautiful shot with them.



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Plus, we also get to ride a motorcycle that allowed us to see the mountain ranges of Isarog, Mayon and iriga intertwined each other. Ohhhh. That 30 minute ride is unexplainable. The view from the top is so beautiful that even my camera cannot capture. Only my eyes can see the full view and with that, I am truly grateful. So refreshing (in my eyes) hehe



Finally!!! nananana… hahaha just kidding XD Finally, we reached Sabang Port around 8 am.


*This is their fixed schedule from/to Sabang-Guitalo port.  I won’t tell stories here, I’ll just let you scroll through the photos and see for yourself how pristine/majestic this island is.











Processed with VSCOcam



Many people ask me the name of the travel agencies I get in touched with, or where did I get my travel itineraries, but honestly I prefer to create my own itineraries. I even don’t want a tour guide when traveling, even though the place is new to me. Don’t get me wrong—traveling with tour guides are fun and informative, but sometimes you want to travel on your own, see things on your own, explore on your own and discover things on your own.


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