Your nearness is my good!

Hello everyone! It’s a miracle there’s activity here in my blog. 🙂 Honestly, there were so many events in the past months and weeks that are worth blogging but I can’t seem to find the urge to share it with all of you. It seems that I don’t have time to write an entry when in fact I have plenty of rest days and dull afternoon weekends lately. and then today it hits me –time flies too fast and I wasn’t able to create good memories because I distracted myself with so many thoughts about this world (stress brought by too much worrying about concerns in all areas of life)and the future that keeps me from living the person I am today.. For not appreciating my present situation and not realizing how God has been so good to me each day of my life. I don’t know for you, but for me it felt like I’ve missed a lot. So now, allow me to share to you one of my life verse –and may this be a reminder to you as well.. I know this is familiar verse yet so hard to apply in REAL life.

Psalm 73:25

‘Whom I have in heaven but You, and there is nothing on earth that I desire besides You’

Somebody asked me is this possible? You are in this world so its normal to just grab and take it in, everything this world has to offer. And yes, naturally we desired be a part of this world, but we do not belong in here. We are not citizens of this earth, we have a lasting place in heaven. and no matter what you do, there is an end to this. However, sa Lord may forever! 🙂

…’and there’s nothing on earth I desire besides You.’

These words pierce my heart every time I read them, and I pray they do yours. Let our love for Jesus be so great, so loud, so evident, so real that all our ‘other’ desires would fade in comparison to our love for Him.

And while this verse is challenging and pressing to the core of my spirit, I am grateful that verse 28 followed with these words ‘For me, it is good to be near God, Another translation reads, ‘His nearness is my good.’ Isn’t that the truth? we fill our minds and bellies with clutter and stuff that our culture is made of but what is really good for us? Him. His closeness, His spirit, His presence. His nearness is our good! He longs to fill our space but we need to empty our space first so there is room for Him.


I want you more Lord, I empty myself so You can fill me. I want you more than food, than media, than spending, than the earthly things that rob my attnetion and affection from You. I lay down my earthly desires in exchange for your nearness. 💕


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