AIRBNB: Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Hello dear friends!!! πŸ™‚ It was nice to be back in the blogosphere! Hehe My brain cells plus sipag cells are working at their best right now along with my decisiveness to blog our previous getaway. Well.. the experience is worth sharing to you so allow me to share someΒ many, many photos of our long weekend.

We decided to tag along my friends, whom after a while became Bryan’s friends as well.Β  These two, particularly Joden is so fun to be with and his sense of humor is always there, I find myself laughing kahit di pala joke yung sinasabi niya Hahaha I do hope that someday, we get to work again for their wedding and I’m sure it will be so FUN.

panorama vista

The tranquility of the place, the scenery outside, the warm people living in here.. Wow, I just had to say we made a very good deal even though it was just for an overnight stay. Of course, it couldn’t be possible without Airbnb–my trusted site for short term vacation rentals. It has become popular among tourists/travellers who are either budget conscious or would like to have a new, and arguably more authentic, travel experience. For some of you who doesn’t have an idea what Airbnb is all about, might as well download the app thru google play or apple app store, and when done, just type your dream destination and voila, it will locate you to thousand lists of private room, shared room or even the entire home! What I love about this is that compared to hotels, it is cheaper and rates are flexible. I’ve booked hotels here in Manila and outside, and we all know that the rates are standard and fixed. You will have to pay additional fee of 1k and above for additional person depending on your type of suite pa. So pano nalang? parating for two nalang pag mag hohotel? πŸ˜‰Β  Aside that the houses here are reasonably priced, you can also enjoy their amenities because FYI a lot of condo owners have chosen to rent their place via Airbnb. Each listing has reviews and photos which were verified by Airbnb themselves so you can be sure that the place you will rent is exactly the same in the pictures. That means you can also experience the high life at least once in your lifetime. Hahaha At least you get a glimpse of it di ba? πŸ™‚ Okay, I think I’ve advertise the site too much, wala naman ako endorsement fee dito (believe me) these statements are just a word of mouth from a person like me who have experience the best deals via Airbnb. πŸ™‚

Our Home

panorama pool 2 panorama sala 1
This property is in the posh and very safe neighborhood of Terrazas.

Terrazas de Punta Fuego is part of the Club Punta Fuego and they are now open to public. In other words, even if you’re not a member you can still enjoy their amenities -Pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym to name a few. If you opt to visit the Punta Fuego Club, you will be endorsed by the owner and you only need to pay a minimal fee of 300 per head, But because we’re already enjoying the host of indoor activities as our amenities are complete, we decided not to leave this house and relax (just like the rich kids does) With a house as beautiful as this, you will not want to leave!!!

IMG_8458 IMG_8457 IMG_20150918_161951 IMG_8541 IMG_8537

Every inch of this residence was instagram-worthy. And the location was just impossible to beat–it was right at the heart of special tourism zone Fuego Sunset.

panorama vista




From our place you can have the best view of it. Bryan wanted to do a hyperlapse and I can’t wait to watch it in our travel video!! πŸ™‚

IMG_8322 IMG_8302 IMG_8330 IMG_8309 IMG_8978

You can book the entire home if you’re going on a large group, but if you’re like us who wanted an intimate double date, (in our case this is permissible ☺) or you might want to gather your small family –booking one of their private rooms is the best possible deal. We are very happy to be informed as well that we are the only group who booked last Friday and that means we get to enjoy this house all by ourselves. Just the four of us! Upon entering the house, we are warmly welcomed by the owner and their maids. I think all in all nasa 7 kasambahay nila, well.. kung ganito din kalaki bahay ko, 7 will just be enough to sanitize the entire place. They have a balcony, four big rooms (all with own T and B) gym, sauna, KTV, fully equipped office, swimming pool and jacuzzi, we are speculating the worth of this house and oh well, I cant believe we get to stay at this hundred million worth of structure. πŸ™‚ Although privileged to be able to checked in to some luxurious hotels, the experience of choosing to rent via airbnb is always 100% better than the former. I guess it boils down to the fact that airbnb houses have been a home and residence to the families who have left good, lasting memories–which makes guests feel at home as well.

IMG_8923 IMG_8893 IMG_8890 IMG_8341 IMG_8346 IMG_8362 IMG_8364


Engaging with the host was a breeze and she even picked us up from Nasugbu town proper with her Ford explorer car (lang naman) πŸ™‚ And she really went out of her way to make us feel at home before heading back to Manila.

IMG_8464 IMG_9049

I’ve been to Nasugbu a few times, (Pico Sands Hotel and Canyon Cove) with my family and colleagues but this is extra special because of Bryan’s presence (awww) along with my newly engaged friends Roselyn and Joden. Double date means double the FUN. I’m so happy that they are finally engaged and as a treat to them, we gave them an early pre nup treat. Their quirkiness as a couple was naturally coming out as we began the shoot. πŸ™‚




In fairness, they are so game you don’t need to coach them what to do πŸ™‚

Cge lang, habang wala pang bayad ;)
Cge lang, habang wala pang bayad πŸ˜‰


To say that this guy is hardworking is an understatement. He was never been absent to work and this is the first time he availed a leave this year. Can you imagine that? I often tease him about getting an award (model employee of the year) so this is much needed vacation for him. I am pretty convinced he enjoyed his vacation, not just because he gets to spend it with me (hahaha) but also because he gets to do the things he’s very passionate about, kaya kahit hawak niya DSLR and tripod all the time I don’t get jealous because I can see him very happy while taking shots. By the way most photos here are shot and edited by him. (I need to give him the credit) Thanks baldik for always making my feed sooo good! πŸ™‚

IMG_8996 IMG_8985 IMG_9015

Syempre, ako pa din ang original model niya at sya ang official photographer ko πŸ˜€

Our room is spacious enough for the four of usΒ  with 1 king size bed and our own bathroom.

IMG_8989 IMG_9004 IMG_8302

On the side, it has a full functioning kitchen allowing us to save as we were cooking our own meals instead of eating outside. Anyway this is a good bonding for us, except that we are not the best guys in cooking field. Yes, even this soon to be bride has a LOT to learn. Hahahaha

IMG_8797 IMG_9029 IMG_8980

The place was cozy and clean with eclectic interiors which I really like a LOT! You can click HERE to book the property.

And here’s the good news, as a treat to my readers if this was your first time to book via Airbnb, you will be given a special discount. Just simply copy this link to your browser and you’ll land on my special page that entitles you 20$ off on your first booking. This applies for ANY Airbnb property in the world! Airbnb has about 1,000,000 listings in 190 countries (including the Philippines!) so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a property that suits your needs and preferences.

PS, Our travel video is in the works now. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “AIRBNB: Terrazas de Punta Fuego

    1. Hi! For the entire place, it costs around 25k for 15 people. You can stay in their four private rooms πŸ™‚ We stayed in one of their rooms, 5500php excluding airbnb fee, it happens that we are the only group who rented the place so.. we get to enjoy it all by ourselves. I encourage you to book on non peak days, too. πŸ™‚

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