Pursuit Manila: Made with Love

Hi everyone! Its raining cats and dogs everywhere!! hope you’re in a safe, dry place today.. and while it’s kind of bed weather today, allow me to share to you our pursuit gathering yesterday held at Bait’s in Makati. 🙂


In my previous post, I mentioned that one of my biggest blessing this year was to become a part of this community–a group of women whose lives are dedicated to serve God and others as they pursue their passion. At first, I thought is this even possible? I’ve been in the ministry for the longest time and have sacrificed so many things just to be able to give my 100%. But seeing this women made me think that indeed, by God’s grace it is possible to do those two important things simultaneously because first, we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, He has given us certain gifts that equip us for His work –which is one reason why I never underestimate the scope of our influence. And second, because I believe God wants us to excel with the gifts He has given to each of us –all for His greater glory.



Faith filled conversations :)
Faith filled conversations 🙂
Good thing sinundo ako ni bry I have a solo pic :)
Good thing sinundo ako ni bry I have a solo pic 🙂

Since this is a brunch gathering, we were served with sandwiches and pannacotta for dessert. Not only our hearts were full, but also our tummies. Haha

IMG_9335-01 IMG_9334-01


IMG_20151018_100337 IMG_9349-01

Happy Birthday Karen! :) :) :)
Happy Birthday Karen! 🙂 🙂 🙂
So blessed to be part of this community 🙂

These women are full time professionals, I met an architect, photographer, baker, teacher, writer, creative designer, artist, moms and now they have a banker in the group!!! (ahem) hehehe As in from different fields talaga, and they are not so-so professionals, they are the best in their chosen fields yet we are unified by one spirit–and that is to use our skills and talents to serve Him and others. To found yourself surrounded by these women is a feeling that words aren’t enough to describe. Secured, contented, Blessed –maybe these will suffice? 🙂


Our speaker, Ms. Ginger De Guia 🙂 Allow me to quote one of her statements from the Bible in Exodus 14:15 when God told Moses ‘Why are you crying out to me? Go and tell people to get moving! Oftentimes we found ourselves praying and not acting on our faith. We kept asking God to expand our territories but after that, we dont take another step to reach that goal. We are stucked in our comfort zones. Its very refreshing also to hear something that will push you to start new things and say yes to your heart’s desires and pursue them.



We are asked to bring three things made with love, so I received these gifts and instantly I felt ashamed. Hahaha To those who receive my gifts, Sorry na kung nadisappoint ko man kayo in any way, but while I was writing that Bible verse, I prayed for it asking God that it may speak to your current situation (may disclaimer talaga) I promised myself na babawi ako next time. Not just made with love but I’ll put more effort into it and try my best to unleash my creativity Hehehe

More than these tangible gifts, the words of affirmation and acceptance really hits me. That God created me for a purpose and that I am a woman of worth and value in His eyes. That i am a work in progress and God isnt finish me yet. That I am constantly pursued by a loving God, and that He wants nothing but the best for me.

To all the ladies reading this, I pray that this post may somehow reconnect you again to our Lord, Yes! still, it is possible to have a life of inner radiance that comes from the indwelling presence of Christ. An inner tranquility and peace, a secured heart –all these are results when you get in touch with the Divine and knowing He has the overall authority over your life and even more, in control of all circumstances.


Indeed, a very refreshing and recharging weekend for us. 🙂 See you all in our year ender gathering next month! I cant wait! 🙂


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