My Sentiments in this film: Train to Busan

Welcome to my blog! Haha When was the last time I wrote an entry? Several months have passed, pero believe me ang dami kong nakasave sa drafts (hopefully pag may time na ako at may maayos na kong laptop I can share those posts to you) For the meantime, Id like to write my sentiments about the film Train to Busan. To those who haven’t watched it, Don’t you worry walang spoiler! (I try not to) šŸ˜Š Just a disclaimer, this is not a film review, as I said earlier, these are just my personal sentiments after watching the film. I decided to share it in my blog because posting it in my facebook as a status will be like a nobela so that’s very inappropriate plus I really can’t wait to write down all my sentiments because If I don’t, I think I cannot really go on with my personal life. šŸ˜ I was really moved by this film, and I’ll be a hypocrite If I say I am not affected. At the very least.

Nowadays, there are lesser films that gives an impact na pangmatagalan, you know what I mean? There are films na feel good lang and the story plus the characters ended in your life right away after you leave the moviehouse. This is not to say that we should not watch those kinds of movies because first and foremost you watch a film to be entertained, and if that leaves you feeling pleased, gives you a warm feeling and lots of good laughs then that must be worth your spending. But I cannot say na plus nalang yung great and compelling story because there are still few people who considered substantial storytelling and cinematography more than entertainment. For me this film covers everything. It has a compelling story, cinematography and production is so great, plus it leaves your heart racing all throughout the film — the very intention of a horror film.

Also, Train to Busan is way better than all the ‘zombies-themed’ films I watched. It is more realistic compared to others, in a sense that here, when you are infected you cannot think anymore. You just struggle to eat the other person who’s not yet infected even if that person is someone you love. I suddenly remember watching Warm Bodies, when the zombie whose the main character in the movie, helps a human being– which is totally unfeasible and close to impossible. Aaaaand the zombies here does really look like a zombie! Ang galing ng make up artists nila! šŸ˜‚ On a serious note, this movie is not just about human beings bitten by a zombie then all of them becomes zombies. I think, the movie talks about HUMANITY. I remember a line from a series I’m currently watching, ‘could you please check your humaneness?’ In other words, he wanted the other person to check if he belongs to the human race.

We may know for a fact that each life is important and we will do something to save one’s life, But have we asked ourselves.. If we were in their shoes, facing great distress and our lives being at risk, do we really not think of ourselves and our loved ones’ sake first before others? Do we really have the guts to sacrifice our lives to someone who we don’t even personally know? And in those kind of situations, do we really care about others more than ourselves? Can we do some reality check? because we, people, are by nature selfish and sabi nga ng mga analysts, we are in this Me, Myself and I generation. This is all about me, and sadly, the film depicts this is true because there are characters here who considered their lives more valuable than others. They don’t care as long as they are safe and they have an assurance to live. But in the end, None of them were saved. They died in pure vanity and even cause selfless people to die as well. The difference is that these people died in sacrificing their lives to others. SACRIFICE. Not the easiest thing to do. But in a situation where there is a larger possiblity to die, is it worth ending your life being selfish and inconsiderate to your fellow beings? The situation is dire and it calls for humanity. It calls for a human being extending help to a fellow creature. So if you are in this film, would you rather die thinking only of yourself or choose to die for a great cause?

This may not exist in real life, but if you dig deeper, such chaos happens in different forms, in different places. How are we going to respond if that happens to us? Personally, this movie convicts me to not give up easily. I honestly thought that if I were inside that train I will just let myself be bitten by a zombie instead of running and finding a way. Naiimagine ko palang, ang lampa ko kaya. Hahaha Kidding aside, I would be enveloped with so much fear and hopelessness if such chaos happen around me. But the characters in this film leaves a lasting impact on me, teaches me to be brave, and find courage amidst troubles like this. Easier said than done, eh?

Good thing, in reality we never have or need to face the battles alone. We have Someone up there who is greater than all the evil forces of this world. We have a God who is capable enough to fight for us. a God who is powerful enough to stop the chaos. To stop the pain around us.

So, part of me feels like shouting to these passengers PRAY! That’s the key. Why don’t we pray?!! And then it hits me, hey this is just a movie! Relax! Hahaha

And lastly, the ending made my emotional side burst out in tears. My mom was laughing at me, saying ‘Ang ate niyo patapos na naiyak pa. ‘ Hahahay, If she only knew I was holding back the tears kanina pa. But then as a friend said, even men were emotional as they leave the theaters. The ending touched our hearts in ways that only humans like them can ever comprehend. It was an ending that is very tragic yet filled with hope. At the very least, two persons survived. And the scene at the tunnel where one of the survivor started singing make my emotional being burst our in tears. As a viewer, I mourn with her in losing her dad and each and everytime I recalled how the father gave up his life it’s impossible for me not to cry. šŸ˜¦ I hope my boyfriend doesn’t have time to read this. He might choose not to talk to me because he hates talking to me at this emotional state. All I gotta do is cry. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

To those who haven’t watch it, you should spare some of your money and your time. You’ll love it. šŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!


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